Didn't I Mention - Best Music Video (directed by Peter Renzullo)


Time and Desire - Best Short Film (directed by Jinzhao luan)


Nous les braves - Best Student Film (directed by Léonard Calmet)


GOOD BYE - Best Feature Film (directed by Souad El Mesbahi)


As usual - Best Super Short Film (directed by Baptiste Darricarrère)


Dull Billy - Best Animation (directed by Kaspars Buncis)


As usual - Best Director Super Short Film (directed by Baptiste Darricarrère)


Ghosts - Best Comedy (directed by Dominique Rochon)


The Driver - Best Mobile Phone Short (directed by li Junfeng)


Didn't I Mention - Best VFX (directed by Peter Renzullo)


SOULS ON THE ROAD - Best Sound Design (directed by zi kai ma)


Rêve Interdit - Best Cinematography (directed by Marie BEAUMONT)


SO SORRY - Best Original Screenplay (directed by DANIELLE RIBBENS)


METEMPSYCHOSIS - Best Short Film (directed by Sam Iwata aka Liu)

Identical Justice - Best Feature Film (directed by Tope Alake & Marc Adebesin)


The Rising Woman - Best Mobile Phone Short (directed by Eytan Sivak)

Fleeting Structure - Best Feature Documentary (directed by Patrick Lysaght)


Afloat - Best Super Short Film (directed by HELIA BEHROOZ)


All Your Words - Best Music Video (directed by James Xander)


The Bike - Best Student Film (directed by Henry Joshua Bing)


Forever - Best Director Short Film (directed by Stephen Thomas Ford)


Charlie Winner - Sport BumBest Inspirationnal (directed by Florian Mortan)


Saki's Summer Kanuma Photo Rally - Best Actress (Short Film) (directed by HIROAKI MIZUNO)



Message Sent - Best Animation (directed by Ryan C Lopez)


Gone Dream - Best Director Super Short Film (directed by Arthur Pereira)


Night Shift - Best Short Script (directed by Peter Salisbury)


The Fisherman and The Fish - Best Drama (directed by Aleksandr Krapivkin, Olya Mikhaylova)


Giorni da Funamboli - Best Comedy (directed by Ludovico Buldini)


Highway - Best Horror (directed by Gerardo Gradel)


Over The see - Best Thriller (directed by Harry Lemarquez)

The carrier - Best Sci-fi (directed by Matias galli)


A Witcher's Tale - The Lost Souls - Best Fantasy (directed by Gabriel Sengès)


Histoire d'Une Larme - Best LGBT (directed by Giovanni Coda)


Occult - Best Action (directed by Xiaorui Yu, Yixuan Cai)


Passionate - Best Cinematography (directed by Ridvan Yavuz)


Judicial Custody - Best Actor (Feature Film) (directed by Jairoop Jeevan)

Actor : Saurabh Sarawat


"medèn àgan" NOTHING BEYOND MEASURE Best Actress (Feature Film) (directed by Alessandro Vantini)

Actress : Valentina Valsania


Òran na h-Eala - Best Short Film (directed by Steve Exeter)

Deadly Thoughts Best Drama (directed by Omar Cook, Adonis Armstrong)

Wheat - Best Student Film (directed by Jonny Berkowitz)


SONGS4U - JiDEO Best Music Video (directed by John Du)


The Blue Heart, Coral - Best Feature Documentary (directed by Youngjin Choi)


Revenge of a Grandmother Best Super Short Film (directed by Timur Örge)


ALBA - Best Director Short Film (directed by Kimberly Oropeza)


Metres Apart - Best Actor (Short Film) (directed by Teele Dunkley)

Actor : Paul Andrew Goldsmith


The other half Best Original Screenplay (directed by Luigi D'Angelo)


J'écris sur l'eau ce que je n'ose dire - Best Cinematography (directed by Benjamin Marziac)


Pessoas - Best Feature Film (directed by Arturo Dueñas Herrero)


X-Ray-Ted Man Best Short Documentary (directed by Siraj Huda)


Blue Journey to Karia Best Animation (directed by Erdal Kara)


Mammas - Best Comedy (directed by Carine Hazan)


Revenge of a Grandmother Best Horror (directed by Timur Örge)


ALBA - Best Thriller (directed by Kimberly Oropeza)


WICCA Best Fantasy (directed by Christophe Beudet)


Close Dance Best LGBT (directed by Camilla Klemming, Jan Palmblad)


Tashi's Sheep Best Actress (Short Film) (directed by YIN YU)

Actress : Zhu Ya


Al Mujahleen - Best Sound Design (directed by Ramez Rizk)


Locked Down - Best Student Film (directed by Claire Imler, Larissa Salazar)


The Decisive Moment - Best Short Film (directed by Eduardo Rufeisen)


The Forgotten War - Best Feature Documentary (directed by Daniel Leonard Bernardi)


Apple Tree - Best Director Short Film (directed by Olya Azhnakina)


Invisible - Best Music Video (directed by Clint Mourino)


Time Twogether - Best Mobile Phone Short (directed by Raquel Graston)


Early Spring - Best Feature Film (directed by Hiroshi Toda)


Legitime Defense - Best Super Short Film (directed by Gustavo Duc)


The Case - Best Animation (directed by Maurizio Forestieri)


The Repulsion - Best Short Script (directed by Eleyna Maolina)


The dream of Orpheus - Best Fantasy (directed by Milena Perdikari)


Apple Tree - Best Sound Design (directed by Olya Azhnakina)


New Perspective - Best Cinematography (directed by Vitória Zamfolini, Victória Momesso)


Bella Bimba - Best Short Documentary (directed by George Leontakianakos)


The Truth in Your Eyes - Best LGBT (directed by Mateo Nikolav)


Bella Bimba - Best Inspirationnal (directed by George Leontakianakos)


Vent de Folie - Best Actress (Short Film)  (directed by Garrigues Stephane, Castro De Haro Timothy)

Actress : Henriot Stéphanie


Sipayho - Best Actor (Feature Film) (directed by Francis Luscianne Javier Gacer)



Sipayho - Best Actress (Feature Film) (directed by Francis Luscianne Javier Gacer)



Precursor - Best VFX (directed by Marco Castiglione)


Près de Moi - Best Original Screenplay (directed by Alex Guéry)


The Gift - Best Short Film (directed by Suman Bhattacharya)

Focal by Parallax - Best Music Video (directed by Peter Renzullo)


You're My Bruise - Best Student Film (directed by Harald Furuholmen)


Search operation: The New Town Survivor - Best Feature Film (directed by Mingu Kang)


Search operation: The New Town Survivor - Best Director Feature Film (directed by Mingu Kang)


A Walk in the Park - Best Super Short Film (directed by Chris Lodge)


Bobbing for Apples - Best Director Super Short Film (directed by John August Stapp)


Built lands - Best Feature Documentary (directed by Arturo Dueñas Herrero)


C.A.T. - Best Horror (directed by Rodion Severyanov)


PANDEMIC - Best Mobile Phone Short (directed by Direk Bee)


To sleep, perchance... - Best Cinematography (directed by Dmitry Kormann)


Ethereal Shift - Best Animation (directed by Julie Goldstein)


LONGWAY TO GO - Best Director Short Film (directed by Bijjakuggwa Kawooya)


In Vino Veritas - Best Editing (directed by Sylvestre Bary)


The Ring of Love - Best Short Documentary (directed by Alex Leng Kok Khaw)


Hikikomori - Best Drama (directed by Nicolas Seguel Eduardo)


New Encounters - Best Comedy (directed by Gabriel Hoštaj)


A Movie with Subtitles - Best Sci-fi (directed by Ömer Faruk AYKUT)


Dissolution - Best Actor (Short Film) (directed by Jacob Niceforo)

Actor : Jacob Niceforo


Dissolution - Best Thriller (directed by Jacob Niceforo)


Zugvögel - Best Original Screenplay (directed by Johannes Buchholz)


A Cry For Help - Best Short Film (directed by Steven Esteb)

Backseat Driver - Best Comedy (directed by Jake Balfour-Lynn)

Are you Icelandic? - Best Feature Documentary (directed by Magnea Björk Valdimarsdóttir)

I Seek Out the Pain - Best Mobile Phone Short (directed by Christopher Siaens)

A Broken Turtledove - Best Actress (Short Film) (directed by Christopher Siaens)

Actress : Mee Middleton

Losing Heaven - Best Short Documentary (directed by Ethan Wearn)

Bésame Mucho & the East Side Gallery Berlin - Best Super Short Film (directed by Gilbert Brüning)

Monsters Walk Among Us - Best Music Video (directed by Thomas Crane)


The Boy and The Mountain - Best Animation (directed by Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal)


Claudia Di Palma intervista C.D´Attis & R.Basile - Best Director Short Film (directed by

Claudio D´Attis)


Charles vs. Charlie - Best Short Script (directed by Madhu Narayanaswamy Ramanathan)


A Chit Tu - Best LGBT (directed by Dylan Chow)


Assassin League - Best Cinematography (directed by Matthew Michael Wasiewicz)


Dark days of heaven - Best Original Screenplay (directed by Mathi sutha)


Last Call - Best Sound Design (directed by Ivaylo Borislavov Penchev)


Charged - Best Editing (directed by Gillian Simpson)


LIFE HUT - Best Short Film (directed by Erdal Kara)

Lost in the translation of Heartache - Best Music Video (directed by Colin Cobb)


Balance - Best Director Short Film (directed by Quentin Monroe)


Eva and Jane - Best Actress (Short Film) (directed by Irene Ganteri)

15 - I. M. FANEROMENIS - Best Short Documentary (directed by Aris Katsigiannis)


Unfinished - Best Director Super Short Film (directed by Sudeep Mehta)


Shuteye - Best Thriller (directed by Jake Salter, Max Kinstler)


Unfinished - Best Editing (directed by Sudeep Mehta)


Shuteye - Best Horror (directed by Jake Salter, Max Kinstler)


The Jesus Visitation, Can You Forgive - Best Inspirationnal (directed by Joshua Campe)


Love exhaustion - Best Original Screenplay (directed by Sam Janot)


Unfinished - Best Super Short Film (directed by Sudeep Mehta)


ONLY LOVE MATTERS - Best Feature Film (directed by KAMRAN QURESHI)


I Know We'll Meet Again... - Best Animation (directed by Mike J. McAllister)


Fake World - Best Short Script (directed by Gabriel Da Silva)


BESTIE - Best Cinematography (directed by Ranga K)


Two's a Lesson - Best Student Film (directed by Joshua Urquhart)


A Life Within - Best Short Film (directed by Claire Imler)


We'll be strangers - Best Feature Film (directed by Julie Rodrigue)


Committed to the Craft - Best Feature Documentary (directed by Global Filmz Production)


Stevan - Hope It's Not - Best Music Video (directed by Ben Develin)


Hanna's Bistro - Best Actress (Short Film) (directed by Áron Török, Actress : Panka Kovács)


ROOM 1403 - Best Horror (directed by Masaaki Mitsuyasu)


Sleepless - Best Short Documentary (directed by JULIE RODRIGUE)


Blindness - Best Super Short Film (directed by Sofija Hristovska)


Tormenta - Best Animation (directed by Cyrielle Deblangy)


when you are old - Best Director Short Film (directed by Zhongyuan Zhang)


RENGASHIS' ROOM - Best Drama (directed by Lea Hopp)


SAMANTA - Best Thriller (directed by Rishy Nirmalan)


EDEN - Best Sci-fi (directed by Thierry Carteret)


VUJA DE - Best Fantasy (directed by Joby Varghese)


Summer - Best LGBT (directed by Chris Garcia)


Karaoké - Best Inspirationnal (directed by Pierre Verquin)


Room - Best Original Screenplay (directed by Jacob Bellmore)

Strange Dayz - Best Editing (directed by TJ Walker, Rick Walters)


Night Lights - Best Cinematography (directed by Johanan Jon Chretien Eugene)


Pile ou FaceBest Super Short Film (directed by Delloye Amélie & Bonvalot Carole)

From Durban to TomorrowBest Feature Documentary (directed by Dylan Mohan Gray)

Under His Control Best Feature Film (directed by Andree M Harris, Nakia Dillard)

Dont Bloody LookBest Short Film (directed by Kirsty Dua)


Dajla : cinema and oblivion Best Short Documentary (directed by Arturo Dueñas)


Biesmans - Cold VoidBest Music Video (directed by Simon Lemarchand)


Confidence SnatcherBest Animation (directed by Simone Jones)


Wild Camp Best Student Film (directed by Lucie Pradeau)


Mirage Best Director Feature Film (directed by Andree M. Harris)


AFTER MIDNIGHTBest Drama (directed by Alex Krasimirov)


DorianBest Thriller (directed by Alexandre De Caro)


MonopolBest Fantasy (directed by Brice Lava)


To Fondle NothingBest Mobile Phone Short (directed by Charles Leggett)


The Penitent ThiefBest Inspirationnal (directed by Lucas Miles)


The Other Side of ParadiseBest Action (directed by Les Zig)


Your Labs Are NormalBest Actress (Feature Film)  (directed by Jean Pierre Kathoefer)

Actress : Sonja Cirilo


The Candidate Best Cinematography (directed by Erkut Altındağ)


The Girl and the Red DressBest Actress (Short Film) (directed by Ryan O'Donnell) 

Actress : Carrie Dodds


The Girl and the Red DressBest Actor (Short Film) (directed by Ryan O'Donnell) 

Actor : Isaac Allen


Dove seiBest Original Screenplay (directed by Vincenzo Lamagna, Assunta Mansueto)


Out Of Time - Best Short Film (directed by Délphine Montaigne)

Rainbowland - Best Feature Documentary (directed by William Ulrich) 

On the Other Side of the Mountains - Best Student Film (directed by Nina Doré)

Two Is a Magic Number - Best Feature Film (directed by Holger Borggrefe, Stefan Hering)

The Boy Who Laughs At Rain - Best Animation (directed by Peterson Muldoon)

Under the LightsBest Music Video (directed by Leloup Thomas)

The Pro Bono WatchmanBest Drama (directed by Ray Spivey)

SHOT : Caught a Soul Best Director Feature Film (directed by Bobby Field and Jeffery Thompson)

We All Lie My Darling Best LGBT (directed by Pierre-Nicolas Panasci)

Unwelcome Advances Best Actor (Feature Film) (decerned to Ricardo Alvarado)

Unwelcome Advances Best Thriller (directed by Ricardo Alvarado)

LOVEBest Super Short Film (directed by Rhea Yi Zhang)

Out Of Time - Best Short Script (directed by Délphine Montaigne)

Our Last SummerBest Comedy (directed by Vincent Orst)

Watch me on TV Best Actress (Short Film) (directed by Emeric Gallego)

Abysse Best Cinematography (directed by Leo Sfeir)

The Human Condition Best Director Super Short Film (directed by Théo Lemouzy)

Magic TreeBest Horror (directed by Laurent Firode)

Out Of Time - Best Sound Design (directed by Délphine Montaigne)