Auber International Film Festival
05 avr., 19:00
Cinéma Le Studio ,
2 Rue Edouard Poisson Aubervilliers, Île-de-France 93300 France

Last Edition Winners

Locked Down - Best Student Film (directed by Claire Imler, Larissa Salazar)


The Decisive Moment - Best Short Film (directed by Eduardo Rufeisen)


The Forgotten War - Best Feature Documentary (directed by Daniel Leonard Bernardi)


Apple Tree - Best Director Short Film (directed by Olya Azhnakina)


Invisible - Best Music Video (directed by Clint Mourino)


Time Twogether - Best Mobile Phone Short (directed by Raquel Graston)


Early Spring - Best Feature Film (directed by Hiroshi Toda)


Legitime Defense - Best Super Short Film (directed by Gustavo Duc)


The Case - Best Animation (directed by Maurizio Forestieri)


The Repulsion - Best Short Script (directed by Eleyna Maolina)


The dream of Orpheus - Best Fantasy (directed by Milena Perdikari)


Apple Tree - Best Sound Design (directed by Olya Azhnakina)


New Perspective - Best Cinematography (directed by Vitória Zamfolini, Victória Momesso)


Bella Bimba - Best Short Documentary (directed by George Leontakianakos)


The Truth in Your Eyes - Best LGBT (directed by Mateo Nikolav)


Bella Bimba - Best Inspirationnal (directed by George Leontakianakos)


Vent de Folie - Best Actress (Short Film)  (directed by Garrigues Stephane, Castro De Haro Timothy)

Actress : Henriot Stéphanie


Sipayho - Best Actor (Feature Film) (directed by Francis Luscianne Javier Gacer)



Sipayho - Best Actress (Feature Film) (directed by Francis Luscianne Javier Gacer)



Precursor - Best VFX (directed by Marco Castiglione)


Près de Moi - Best Original Screenplay (directed by Alex Guéry)





Best Feature Film 

Best Feature Documentary  

Best Short Film 

Best Short Documentary 

Best Student Film

Best Super Short Film

Best Music Video

Best Animation

Best Director Feature Film

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Best Short Script

Best Drama

Best Comedy

Best Horror

Best Thriller

Best Sci-fi

Best Fantasy


Best Mobile Phone Short

Best Inspirational

Best Action

Best Actor Short Film

Best Actress Short Film

Best Actor Feature Film

Best Actress Feature Film

Best Original Screenplay

Best Editing

Best Sound Design

Best VFX

Best Cinematography

Best Production

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Aubervilliers, 93300

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