Auber International Film Festival
27 sept., 19:00
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Last Edition Winners
MARCH 2022

Didn't I Mention - Best Music Video (directed by Peter Renzullo)


Time and Desire - Best Short Film (directed by Jinzhao luan)


Nous les braves - Best Student Film (directed by Léonard Calmet)


GOOD BYE - Best Feature Film (directed by Souad El Mesbahi)


As usual - Best Super Short Film (directed by Baptiste Darricarrère)


Dull Billy - Best Animation (directed by Kaspars Buncis)


As usual - Best Director Super Short Film (directed by Baptiste Darricarrère)


Ghosts - Best Comedy (directed by Dominique Rochon)


The Driver - Best Mobile Phone Short (directed by li Junfeng)


Didn't I Mention - Best VFX (directed by Peter Renzullo)


SOULS ON THE ROAD - Best Sound Design (directed by zi kai ma)


Rêve Interdit - Best Cinematography (directed by Marie BEAUMONT)


SO SORRY - Best Original Screenplay (directed by DANIELLE RIBBENS)





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